Novel Update – 5/7/17

Since the last update in March, I’ve written six more chapters, bringing the total to sixteen. The manuscript is at around 200 pages and 50,000 words. My target is about 300 pages and 75,000 words.

Last update I mentioned that in the first hundred pages, I wrote in as many different characters as I could, then decided who was interesting and which scenes advanced the story.

In the second hundred pages, I developed subplots for each of the major characters. All of them work for something in this part of the book. Their paths cross in the process. As characters meet, they connect each other, leading to interesting situations when certain people fail to get along.

The other goal for this section of the novel has been to set up the final hundred pages and the ending. Those connections and subplots from the second hundred will culminate in every character coming together for the exciting conclusion… the final showdown.

I’m keeping up my daily writing schedule of two to five pages. I still do the first drafts in long-hand, then edit and rewrite as I type them into my manuscript document on the computer.

The key to being a writer, I’ve found, is to write every day. Treat it like a job, because that’s exactly what it is. A very enjoyable job, too.

More updates to come!

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